First Response: is an environmental company found in 1988. Our qualified professionals specialist have been providing a full range of services such as Asbestos removal, lead paint testing, mold investigations and any third party project.  We can assist home owner and business with Lead Based Paint Violations issued by the New York City of Housing and Preservation Development.

Mission Statement: First Response mission is to organize the world for safety and continuous improvement of our environmental for the best.


  • Asbestos Consulting, Asbestos Detection
  • Asbestos Testing, Asbestos Encapsulation
    • Asbestos Removal, Ceiling Plaster Testing For Asbestos Fibers
    • Inspection Services
      • Lead Detection, Lead Testing, Pipe Inspections
      • Polychlorinated biphenyl PCB (Disposal Found In Transformers and Capacitors


Services and Mission Statement